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Welcome to the Heroica Upgrade WikiEdit

Heroica Upgrade is a wiki designed to bring the community together to invent a new way to play Heroica. "HU"(Heroica Upgrade) will discuss each of the different aspects of Heroica and attempt to make the most enjoyable modifications while still having both a video game and lego feel.

Because this Wiki is designed more for community rules, it does not provide up-to-date news, niether does it contain the best direct info on the games.  All visitors are encouraged to visit for any other info on Heroica needed.  Thank you.


As this site is just begining, many of the pages may not be up and running.  Please be patient with its progress, and we encourage all readers to include their ideas to help this site grow more quickly.  Thank you.


Characters- From the origins of the Heroes to the behaviors of the Monsters, this section will tell you all the side information you might not have know just from playing the games.

Major Game Aspects- This section depicts all of the major components of Heroica and the different aspects of their gameplay.  This section is about to begin its final phase of construction, starting up the "new rule" pages for each of the different categories.

ItemsItems contains lists of all the different types of inanimate objects placed throughout the game board during game play, as well as their affects.

Maps- The Maps section gives a unique fact and tells the location, as well as its size and all of the contents placed directly onto the board spaces.

Original Rulebook- The combined rulebooks from each of the five Heroica sets is given inside.

Battlefront PollEdit

Battle is at your front door, the mountains at your back. You are:

The poll was created at 19:51 on January 7, 2013, and so far 4 people voted.

Heroes vs. Bosses Heroica Shield

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